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Thank you for Supporting Us!

*When you support COSMIC FREQUENCY, you will receive a free downloadable PDF with keys and secrets of Ether Physics shared directly from Founder Krys


COSMIC FREQUENCY Is an experience. We create an atmosphere for the expansion of the soul through offering grounding yet reality shifting wisdom. People enjoy our online weekly transmissions, free PDF's, our online Cosmic Academy, YouTube Videos, Podcast interviews, a lively Instagram presence, and in person gatherings.


As you can see, there is a lot that goes into the well being of what we share yet we see more than ever that COSMIC FREQUENCY is needed during this time to assist in the conscious shift into a more harmonious human family. Your support with this helps us continue to offer,guide, and provide groundbreaking experiences for many souls that lead to personal transformations and ultimately a more advanced and loving world.

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Your donations and intention to help us to enhance the frequency of the cosmos is greatly appreciated!

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Bringing it all together to enhance and magnify the wisdom of the stars and the mission of the human soul to expand and express its truest nature. Thank you!

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Thank you for seeing the value in what Cosmic Frequency is! Your support helps us go above and beyond!

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They say when you are on the path of truth, you will receive assistance from powerful invisible allies, For that we say thank you

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