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4 Private Sessions

Grounding Clarity for your earthly journey

  • 2 hours
  • 2,000 US dollars
  • Phone or Video Call

Service Description

4 Private sessions Greetings! Thank you for being here Cosmic Frequency transcends this reality... its meant to enhance your soul in this realm and even after you leave this realm I am excited to connect with you and witness you continue to expand ! These private sessions are designed to be a portal into your next becoming. We will meet online or in person depending on location and dive into the topics, questions and answers you seek along your journey. In Short working with me creates an atmosphere of cosmic intelligence that is mirrored in our sessions. This atmosphere is conducive the progression of consciousness, deeper wisdom and grounding clarity. Think of it like walking into a fresh mountain mist after hiking for 3 hours... Pure, present and life giving. I am here as a guide for you.. you do all the heavy lifting I'm here just to make sure you don't hurt yourself so lets begin! WHAT IS INCLUDED? - 4 Initial Private Sessions with Krys - Keys and wisdom on how to enhance ones meditative experience. - Tools on how to apply higher knowing into everyday life - Ether Physics Lessons. - Astral Travel Guidance - Opportunity to ask questions and gain clarity on your spiritual path. - Practical tips on how to stay disciplined and grounded while also expanding ones perceptions. - Opportunity to enhance your consciousness through understanding the way reality operates. - Gain access to cosmic secrets and functions that will transition into this life and beyond. ( thought projection, telepathy, Jedi training etc

Cancellation Policy

This Service is Non Refundable. All Bookings must be done within 24 hours of the chosen booking time. If you book later than that, I will not be able to connect with you and I invite you to reschedule. You can reschedule up to 2 days before your chosen booking time. Please have questions and thoughts organized to some degree before we meet. This ensures that your getting the most out of the session.

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