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Cosmic Consciousness & ET Influence

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Private Sessions:
Advanced Meditation
Jin Shin Do
Qi Gong

Get to Know Me and Experience Contact at the Sea

I invite you to join us at Contact at the Sea, where we can connect in person through a series of workshops, activities, and private sessions and deepen our journey together!


Cosmic Transformatives

Cosmic Transformatives

Cosmic Transformatives
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Shana Transformative

Shana Transformative

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Scott Transformative

Scott Transformative

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Whether you're struggling with some aspect in your life or you are interested in raising your frequency, this Free Consultation will be a great way to see how I can help bring clarity t

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Cosmic Frequency provides  enriching experiential environments for the soul to grow and expand. Our Online an in person COSMIC ACADEMY Is a great way for you to uncover your true cosmic nature while having a grounded and fruitful human incarnation.  In a 1-1 session with Founder and mentor, Krys guides people through their earthly experience while helping them live from their spiritual center.

Krys also offers guidance, advice and workshops to athletes, business and organizations looking to bring more ease and success to their endeavors.


Connecting with Cosmic Frequency is like seeing a shooting star streak across the night sky or watching the sun rise on a relaxing Autumn morning.

How Cosmic Frequency impacts others

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"Krys has been and outstanding leader and guide from day 1. he has the ability to meet folks where they're at while simultaneously challenging them to open their mind on a collective level as well as personal expansion. not only did i learn specific ways to gain interdependence through krys' classes & lectures, but he offered customized keys that allowed me to actualize more freedom in my business that aligned with my spiritual beliefs. krys' wisdom, professional advice, anecdotes and coursework are a pure, positive reflection of extensive inner work and book studies beyond any classroom. he has a knack for finding keys specific to individual needs of his clients and for building community and support that have made a lasting impact in my life. i am beyond grateful and highly recommend krys for anyone with an open mind, and open heart and wanting to expand in these great times of change. he is indeed ahead of his time and has the practical steps and dedication to growth in the lives of change. he is indeed ahead of his time and has the practical steps and dedication to growth in the lives of those he works with and humanity overall."

- Kaylyn R.

Robert Rose, Product Designer

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